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Blooms2710 traces its humble beginnings from formidable roots and not just coincidences. Friends and family have always been the first patrons. But as the work got noticed, the demand became relevant.
Today, Blooms 2710 is the company you are looking for. It is the company you will want to cater to your events and venue styling, entourage bouquets, pre-event and engagement shoots. With solid years of experience and expertise, you are guaranteed to work with the best in the industry. The prefect equation is within your reach. Blooms2710 brings the one true commitment that your satisfaction is what we will work hard to attain.
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I met these 3 angels Cho, Jp and Allen thru the referral of Tita Monina, owner of Country Garden. I could say, we chose them because we “felt” that they are the right people for the job. I believe that in weddings, its all about the feeling. If it feels right, do it! Your senses will never fail you. I am a very OC bride, hands-on and meticulous. I wanted my wedding to be perfect. I told Cho, JP and Allen what I wanted. They said “relax, leave everything to us.” During the wedding, everyone were in awe of the flower arrangements, details and colors of our wedding. We thought we were in dreamland. The flowers were fresh and vibrant. Non floral decors were also phenomenal. Guests were raving about the whole set up and it really looks super expensive! I told my husband “hun, i think we have to pay them more, it looks more than what we paid for.” These team are very professional and yet they value their clients and they make them feel the magic during weddings. Best decision ever!

Hannah Valdez-David
Bride, February 21,2015

It’s been almost a year but I still can’t forget every detail of my enchanting debut. Without a doubt the exceptional Blooms 2710 Style Team got the concept I’ve always imagined for my 18th birthday. Half a year before my debut I’ve been gathering ideas and most of them came from my playful mind. Surprisingly, they exceeded my expectations. I was only expecting a fascinating one yet they gave me a mind-blowing one. The flowers, the lighting, the photobooth, the stage and every single thing that completed and made me feel like a princess was arranged perfectly together. It was only for a night yet they made the moment last forever.
I would always be thankful for the efforts and creativity of Blooms 2710 Team Style. To everyone that has been dreaming of a captivating and unforgettable occasion in their lives I truly recommend this brilliant team. They won’t let your hopes down.

Mariz Hizon
Debutante-August 28,2014

“Working with talented people is a PLUS but working with passion is a MUST to gain everyone’s TRUST. From weddings to birthdays and corporate events, Blooms 2710 Event Styling made it all light and easy”

Aris Punsalan

“Thanks to the Blooms 2710 team! You made our day even more special with the spot-on styling of our wedding! Everything was beautiful! Our guests couldn’t stop talking how elegant and beautiful everything in our wedding was. Thanks to your team!”

Ishna Cruz Sablaya
Bride - April 2015


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